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More Loopy Stuff.

Here's some more stuff from the Lexicon Applications Notes for Vortex.

I've also added these to my homepage at 
and select [LOOP].

For the sick and twisted: Vortex also provides some very outside effects. 
Bleen B and 
Fractal B are completely outrageous. Bleen B is an echo diving into ring 
Play a melodic line and listen to how the effect takes it over. 

Fractal B is a looping echo that devours itself. Play a melodic line 
through the effect, 
and  as the echo continues, the notes stack up to form a chord. This pair 
also makes 
for an amazing morph. 

Set the two effects up as a register pair. Hold down a chord or single 
note (E-Bows 
are great for this) and morph between the two! Also try experimenting with 
Deja Vu 
A and B for Techno looping effects. 

One great trick is to use Deja Vu B as a looper. An expression pedal is 
very helpful here, 
though not necessary. Assign the expression pedal to adjust the envelope. 
Then, with the 
pedal in the Up position you can capture a phrase for infinite looping. By 
pushing the pedal
all the way down, you can play over the top without adding to the loop. In 
the middle you 
can add music at different levels. This configuration can be saved in a 
register so that the 
pedal is assigned within the register. 


Monitoring Systems / Speakers...

My own system: as far as monitor speakers go, for live performance I use a 
JC-120 Jazz Chorus amp for my guitar in stereo.  It's used more as a 
personal PA
monitor than an actual amp, with my preamps giving me much of my final 

For studio applications, I use a JVC stereo integrated amplifier with some 
bargain basement
stereo speakers that I got for far cheaper than can be believed which 
gives me a very clean
sound.  I also have within that monitoring system a Barcus Berry Sonic 
Maximizer which is
applied to final mixes.

I really should diagram this out, but it's in constant change so...

Todd Madson
PressMate Product Specialist
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