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Re: Unidentified subject!

>>>This would be nifty for the web page. Does anyone know how to put 
>>>stuff on a web site? Better yet, does anyone want to figure it out, do
>>>whatever it takes to put the eno file in RealAudio format, and send it 
>>>me for uploading?
>>I thought Shockwave was the latest sound format? Text would still be the
>>most immediate...
>Yes, but the format is proprietary.  You need expensive Macromedia
>software to encode the format.

Their SoundEdit does it for cheap, and they say it sounds much better than
RealAudio... Could it be worth the investment of the like 300 bucks (less,
if bought together with DECK), since we are going to offer a lot of sound
samples, I hope :) ?

See http://www.macromedia.com