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Re: speakers

>Assuming you're using a mixer, you can use it with the monitors to
>track your own sound, then send your mixer outputs to the PA for
>everyone else to listen to.  This is good, because sometimes when
>looping, you don't want the audience to hear the next bit you're
>preparing.  At least I wouldn't.  :}

I forgot to mention that, using studio monitors, you can always record and
reproduce your recordings anywhere.
I visit sometimes someone with my rack and give a concert on their Hifi
system and record it on their tape deck. See how they are amazed. And if I
had to carry speakers, I would end up not playing there.
You can use headphones and hear the same - I mean there is just one sound
and you are always used to what comes out.
- the compatibility of flatness.

I wrote a sheet called "New Musical Concept" in '88, when I was in Rio, and
I think its happening about now...
How about puting it on the page, Kim? You have it?