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Re: simple loop idea

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Clark Battle wrote:

> I dont have a looper (yet) but here's a neat idea.  Send
> the output of the looping device of your choice out to a
> pitch shifter pedal.  That way you can transpose entire
> loops into new keys easily.  An intelligent harmonizer
> would be best but im sure a Digitech Whammy pedal would
> work just fine.  Simple but effective.

I've tried this before.  If you're looking for clean transposition, 
forget the Whammy pedal, since it imbues any signal containing more than 
one basic note with a gurgling warblish sound.  The first five minutes of 
owning it, I freaked out over this ideosyncrasy, but have since come to 
enjoy it for its own demented purposes.

It is a very wierd effect, using the Whammy to alter loops, because you 
get a tape-speed kind of pitch effect, but the speed of the loop remains 
constant.  So you're expecting to hear the loops drop in rate as the 
pitch decreases, but it doesn't.  Perty odd, to say the least.