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Re: Looping Setup

>The other is the 24-bit processer (TSR-24S) which has great sounding 
>choruses, phase shifters, pitch shifters, you name it....but the trick 
>here is the use of 
>the continuous MIDI controller pedal.  With one simple pedal I can take a 
>loop and 
>gradually bring it from a "dry" state into a huge cavern.  Or vary the 
>speed of left to 
>right pan from very slow to incredibly fast.  The CC can be assigned to 
>any effect 
>parameter....mix, reverb level, chorus speed, anything you want.  

I'm not familiar (yet) with MIDI controllable eeffects, but I assume
that each controllable parameter is a different "channel" or
something, so that if you had enough controllers to mangle, you could
hack them all at oncee.

Is this right?

If so, this Peavey MIDI fader box I have over heree, which I bought
for controlling Deck, would be way cool.  16 faders with buttons,
"shuttle" dial, and a few other buttons, all of which I believe are

Gee, I need to get one of these TSR-24s thingees and try it out.

Spent my first hour with the Vortex last night.  It's darn cool.

I was playing with the two delays set at, say, /2 and /3, feedbacks
up at 64 (100% -> infinite sustain), 100% wet.  You can build some
pretty darn dense sustained loops.  One neat thing is that if you add
some percussive sounds (clacking the strings against the fretboard,
say), and you get nice 2 against 3 patters (or whatever the ratio is),
by dropping the feedback for one of the two delays and then cranking
it back up, you can control the level of the two rhythmic parts of the

I can see that I really need an Echoplex.  Now, who's got 'em for
$500, again?