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Re: Looping Setup

At 02:36 PM 9/24/96 -0700, you wrote:
>>The other is the 24-bit processer (TSR-24S) which has great sounding 
>>choruses, phase shifters, pitch shifters, you name it....but the trick
here is the use of 
>>the continuous MIDI controller pedal.  With one simple pedal I can take a
loop and 
>>gradually bring it from a "dry" state into a huge cavern.  Or vary the
speed of left to 
>>right pan from very slow to incredibly fast.  The CC can be assigned to
any effect 
>>parameter....mix, reverb level, chorus speed, anything you want.  
>I'm not familiar (yet) with MIDI controllable eeffects, but I assume
>that each controllable parameter is a different "channel" or
>something, so that if you had enough controllers to mangle, you could
>hack them all at oncee.
>Is this right?

YES sort of.  It's really too hard too explain "simply", but the TSR-24S is
advanced enough that ANY PARAMETER of a given voice (say number 42...long
hall) can be assigned to an expression pedal, and minimum and maximum 
can be set for pedal travel.

In practice...say you have a slow sweeping phase shifter patch.  Normally,
it sweeps at .6hz (REALLY slow).  If you choose the SWEEP as the parameter
you want to CC, you can tell it: when pedal is UP, be at .6hz
when pedal is down, be at 12Khz. (VERY VERY fast FAST).

The other great thing about the TSR-24S:  you can assign MORE THAN ONE
parameter to a CC.  So you could have a patch with two harmonies, say one
octave down PLUS a fifth up...then you assign the OCTAVE DOWN to go from
pitch -24 to say pitch +24, and the fifth up you assign to go from 5th up 
4th down.  SO: when you push the pedal slowly down, your root note stays
constant, your octave down moves slowly up TWO FULL OCTAVES and your fifth
up moves down to the 4th below the root note. GOT IT?

I took me about three weeks of intense work to come to grips with MIDI for
guitar processors (which I hate and distrust as all musicians really
should!:) ) but once i figured out what was going on, I've created some
pretty cool expression (CC) settings.  (BUT I always want to improve 

Reverbs are my fave, I usually select REVERB LEVEL or a similar parameter.
PEDAL UP is NO REVERB (completely dry) and PEDAL DOWN is 100% REVERB.  You
can make some stupendous sounding changes this way...especially when you
consider that my personal preference is to make a loop (or loops) in the
Oberheim, and THEN treat them with the TSR-24S.  

SO:  build up a loop with say about 80% reverb, develop it, lull your
audience into it, and then suddenly...REMOVE THE REVERB and set down you
guitar.  the dry, warts and all loop is revealed in all it's horrific 
shocking but wonderful.

and THAT was the SHORT answer...

>If so, this Peavey MIDI fader box I have over heree, which I bought
>for controlling Deck, would be way cool.  16 faders with buttons,
>"shuttle" dial, and a few other buttons, all of which I believe are

YES...sounds like it may be equivalent (COMPUDER-WISE...)

>Gee, I need to get one of these TSR-24s thingees and try it out.

ya really should!  although by NOW there are probably way better 'verbs out
there, it's 24 BIT, true stereo, and it does excellent pitch shift and
harmonies, PLUS it's a FIVE SECOND LOOPER,...plus awesome reverbs, phase
shifters, choruses, flangers....everything but DISTORTION/COMPRESSION etc.

>Spent my first hour with the Vortex last night.  It's darn cool.
>I was playing with the two delays set at, say, /2 and /3, feedbacks
>up at 64 (100% -> infinite sustain), 100% wet.  You can build some
>pretty darn dense sustained loops.  One neat thing is that if you add
>some percussive sounds (clacking the strings against the fretboard,
>say), and you get nice 2 against 3 patters (or whatever the ratio is),
>by dropping the feedback for one of the two delays and then cranking
>it back up, you can control the level of the two rhythmic parts of the

SOUNDS VERY interesting...but i have my hands FULL just with Obie and 
:) :)
>I can see that I really need an Echoplex.  Now, who's got 'em for
>$500, again?

nobody dude.  apply for a grant!

cheers to all!  keep those ideas flowing...

dave at studio seventeen


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