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Re: More JamMan tricks

>On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Ed Drake wrote:
>> Dave Stagner said:
>> >prefer to just use its delay function.......    Turn the feedback up 
>> >and start looping.  At 16, you effectively have infinite repeat.  As
>> >things build, you can turn the feedback down and let a loop fade, then
>> >turn it back up and add more to the loop while the older material 
>> >in the background.  This makes for a much more dynamic and rewarding
>> >looping improv, I think.
>> Dave- I tried it and loved it but as Jon Durant pointed out it is a 
>> that you can't loop it and play over it without adding what you are 
>> to the echo. Thanks anyway because I had not thought of using the Jamman
>> like that and it does give a different approach to the looping.

That is a bummer. I didn't realize the jamman couldn't do that. It's really
a very useful technique to have the feedback turned down a bit while you
continue playing. Constantly evolving textures and all. Of course you know
that I'm going to go on about how the echoplex does this. I've got a big
mail backlog and don't really have time so just pretend I'm saying it and
we'll move on here. [blah, blah, blah]

Dave again:

>Someone here suggested trying to put my Vortex into the feedback loop
>of the JamMan manually, using a mixer.  I tried it and it was
>interesting, but hard to control.  I couldn't get a good balance
>between looping and feedback, and distorting the input on the JamMan
>is NOT pretty.
>I'm hoping to rewire things tonight to split the output from the
>Vortex and send it to the mixer and the JamMan separately, then mix
>the JamMan back in at the output.  That way, I could control the
>JamMan's delay feedback without always sending signal into it.
>Ideally, I'd like to do this with a couple of stereo volume pedals, so
>I can control both the input to the JamMan and its output.

I've been meaning to try something like this for a long time. I really want
a looper to have an effects loop in the feedback path so I can have my
loops change in some way with each pass. It occured to me some time back
that this could probably be done with two loopers (jammans or echoplexes I
suppose, and I'm sure there was a reason for why I thought I needed two to
do this rather than one, but I'm not remembering it now). The feedback path
could be set up externally and effects easily patched in. The downside is
the unintentional effect of passing the loop through A/D / D/A conversions

So how's it working out Dave? Has anyone else tried this?


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