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Re: More JamMan tricks

>>> Dave- I tried it and loved it but as Jon Durant pointed out it is a 
>>> that you can't loop it and play over it without adding what you are 
>>> to the echo. Thanks anyway because I had not thought of using the 
>>> like that and it does give a different approach to the looping.
>That is a bummer. I didn't realize the jamman couldn't do that. 

I guess maybe I don't understand the issue, since I'm not familiar
with the Jamman.  If the problem is that you want to play over the
echo without adding to the echo, why not add a footswitch to bypass
around the box?  Better yet, a 1-into-2 fader, where one output goes
directly to your mixer, and one goes through the jamman to the mixer?
That way you could have very quiet "echos" of your solos loop along as
you continued "non-loop playing".

>I've been meaning to try something like this for a long time. I really 
>a looper to have an effects loop in the feedback path so I can have my
>loops change in some way with each pass. 

Ugh, they don't allow this?  Not even the Echoplex?

>The downside is
>the unintentional effect of passing the loop through A/D / D/A conversions

They could supply the effects in/out as digital s/pdif, which wouldn't
add much to the base cost.  You could go right through an effects unit
with digital in/out, and they could sell an add-on A/D D/A box for
people with analogue effects that want to use this technique.