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Observations from playing experience

Kim writes:

One of the parameters (MuteMode, I think) failed to store itself properly 

I have had that experience. What happens is that it reverts to 
"continuous" even
if you had preset it to "start". The Weird thing is: Once you call it up 
it says
"Start", but if you shift it back and forth between the two, it actually 
ends up
doing what it says it was already doing. (i.e. It starts from the 
beginning of
the loop instead of cycling continuously.)

Other Random observations:

Don't tread hard on the footswitch if you think that function isn't working
properly. You'll just break the footswitch in about six months. (I did 
this with
the "Undo" button.)

It seems to me that the Signal to Noise Ratio occasionally deteriorates if 
let the machine get too hot. This could just be an illusion created by the 
becoming harder to ignore once you notice it, but I don't think so.

The undo button is essentially useless without lots of extra memory, but
terrific once you've got the memory. If you've built up to a certain level 
layering, play lots of chords while steping on the undo button alot and 
when the
chords die away you get you're starting loop back, ready to be build up.

Playing the same pattern over and over again with the overdub button on 
a sound like a really cool digital delay.

If you want to sound like an Ordinary delay unit, set the Feedback at about
twelve o'clock, and keep the Overdub button on.

I find it easier to work with the feedback knob than a feedback pedal. You 
position the knob in a variety of diffferent ways, and remember what those
positions sound like, which is not easy to do with a pedal. Also, There's
usually lots of time to reach over and tweak the knob once you get a good 

The speed at which you move the feedback knob will effect the sound that 
in the loop afterwards, but I'm not sure exactly how. Any Info on that from

One fun structure to work with. Create a loop, solo on it for a while 
until you
hear some thing you like, then turn on overdub and store it. Then solo 
some more
until you create something else you like, then store that. When it get too 
you can either 1) push the undo button several times until you get it down 
size again (which removes the most recent loops.) Or 2) drop the feed back 
(which fades out the earliest loops or 3) create a new loop and then jump 
and forth between the two.

That's all I can think of for awhile. Happy looping

Teed Rockwell