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>does the CU-EU contain that chip that will knock 8 db of noise off the 
>Teed Rockwell?

I don't think so. That's a hardware issue that doesn't really relate to the

What Teed is talking about, is a new a/d - d/a converter to replace the one
Oberheim is currently using in the Echoplex. Oberheim has to replace what
they have, because that part has been discontinued by Crystal semi. The
replacement part costs more because it does a lot of extra stuff that is
totally useless in the Echoplex. It doesn't give an 8 dB improvement in
signal to noise ratio, though. A preproduction sample I evaluated did that,
but the production versions only improved it by 2-3 dB. Since I'm not
involved with this anymore, I really have no idea what they are deciding to
do about it.


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