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Re: gremlin destruction

>........................................................i breathed a large
>sigh of relief.  i noticed the reverse popping when testing the unit in 
>store, and actually took my first unit back and got a different one that
>seemed quieter.  but it still happens, and it really kills the 
>you spend 20 minutes making a monster loop, and then you intend to reverse
>it, and make a recording of it.  the POP appears...and all your work is
>TRASHED (unless you want the pop in you recording)....

Personally, I don't have so much trouble with reverse. I'm not trying to
excuse the pops, those can be annoying, but they aren't really that common.
Of course my music often has elements in it that make a wee little pop seem
pretty insignificant! But really, using reverse with guitars is just so
damn fun that I heartily encourage everyone to play around with it and just
try to live with the rather rare pop until the soft upgrade comes out. The
enjoyment is easily worth the occasional pop, in my opinion.

I know the boomerang has reverse functions, does the jamman? I should post
some of my favorite reverse tricks. Sometime when i'm not answering mail at
4am maybe...

>the LOOP COPY problem caused me even more grief: I called Oberheim,
>described the problem, and they said send it in.  So I did.  Three weeks
>later I got it back (after MANY MANY phone calls).  As it turned out, 
>was "nothing wrong" with it (so they cost me weeks of down time for no
>reason) because you have to use LOOP COPY the alternate way (as noted
>above).  what a pain that method is to.  I can't remember it, and if I 
>to do it I have to drag out my pencilled notes and relearn the whole 

They really amaze me sometimes. I only explained it to them like 50 times.

I rather like the way loopcopy works now. To me it is quite intuitive,
since it is just like using multiply, but your multiply occurs in another
loop. When you think of it that way, its pretty easy to remember that the
first thing you do is press NextLoop to go to another loop, then press
Multiply to multiply (copy) when you go there... The only annoying thing is
that SwitchQuant has to be on so that you switch loops only when you reach
the end of the one you are in. That way you can press NextLoop early and
have time to press something else before you switch. The LoopCopy parameter
in the new soft basically makes it possible to copy without having
SwitchQuant on, but the principles of its operation are similar. Its just
more automatic.

>so: anticipating the long awaited UPGRADE........that will make this box
>what it should have been all along!!!

yes, quite true....


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