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Re: gremlin destruction

Kim recomends:
>Personally, I don't have so much trouble with reverse. I'm not trying to
>excuse the pops, those can be annoying, but they aren't really that 
>Of course my music often has elements in it that make a wee little pop 
>pretty insignificant! But really, using reverse with guitars is just so
>damn fun that I heartily encourage everyone to play around with it and 
>try to live with the rather rare pop until the soft upgrade comes out. The
>enjoyment is easily worth the occasional pop, in my opinion.

Me again personally, I cannot do anything with reverse (maybe for this, I
did not give it sufficiant atention) - how different we play... Thats nice!

By the way: Today I visited a percussion/woodwhind player (Bira Reis) with
a LOOP delay and he showed me a tape he made and I was blown away. I felt
that he discovered some new sound, also because he is in the brasilian
roots and he never had listened to Fripp and the other old masters.

>>so: anticipating the long awaited UPGRADE........that will make this box
>>what it should have been all along!!!
>yes, quite true....

It makes me cry...