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Vortex queries

Ed Drake said:
>>> Dave- I tried it and loved it but as Jon Durant pointed out it is a 
>>> that you can't loop it and play over it without adding what you are 
>>> to the echo. Thanks anyway because I had not thought of using the 
>>> like that and it does give a different approach to the looping.
>That is a bummer. I didn't realize the jamman couldn't do that.

Ray Peck posted
>I guess maybe I don't understand the issue, since I'm not familiar
>with the Jamman.  If the problem is that you want to play over the
>echo without adding to the echo, why not add a footswitch to bypass
>around the box?  Better yet, a 1-into-2 fader, where one output goes
>directly to your mixer, and one goes through the jamman to the mixer?
>That way you could have very quiet "echos" of your solos loop along as
>you continued "non-loop playing".

I guess what I meant was that you couldn't control it on the fly thru
footswitch as a built in feature of Jam Man .
I just turn down the effect send on my Mackie on the guitar channel and jam
along. Right now I have my Jam Man on one of the effect sends on the Mackie
1202 . How are you other guys hooking up your systems ?

Andre said:
>So if any Vortex users would care to share some editing/operating tips,.
>I'd be most grateful.  At the moment, I'm not sure if I'll hang on to it
>or take advantage of GC's return policy.  Even at this cheap of a price, I
>don't know if it's worth it for two or three cool effects.

One way I use the Vortex is for rhythmic looping with the nifty little
feature of each delay line can be set to subdivide the tapped pulse evenly
to a different number such as one delay 2 ,the other 3, a nice simple
polyrhythm to generate a rhythmic loop improv, which can then be looped by
Jamman or (Echoplex), and soloed over. You can set the echoes to bounce
around in really weird subdivisions too ( each delay can be set from
1-64).The max delay time for one echo is 923ms , but you set a tap interval
which Vortex then keeps dividing in half until it comes up with a valid
delay time.Try presets 9- Deja vu and 13 -Shadow. Its tricky to recreate
some of the rhythmic things you come up with.    Preset #10 Choir is a
great starting place to tweak a really nice Chorus /Delay sound (one of the
best I've heard).I really love the warm, lush sound it has. Lexicon
recomends using Vortex inline and adjusting the dry/effects mix in Vortex
but have any of you Vortexers tried using your vortex through the effects
loop on mixer? Guitar Player Magazine generally liked Vortex but they did
say it probably sounded best in stereo and unless you have a stereo rig it
might not sound as good live. To me one of the best things about its' sound
is its use of the stereo space.

Kim Flint said:
>I know the boomerang has reverse functions, does the jamman? I should post
>some of my favorite reverse tricks. Sometime when i'm not answering mail 
>4am maybe...
It has reverse only in the sample mode.There are 3 Modes available on the
Jam Man : Echo,Sample,Loop(2 types Punch in and Phrased Loops) you can only
access each Mode by reaching up and turning a knob (not by Midi) on the
front,and you can not switch between these modes on fly without losing
what's in your loop or sample or echo. Within each mode, you have
variables to play with, which you can access via Midi.

I noticed the other day that I tend to make loops that  generally fall into
one of 2 categories : 1 rhythmic loops and 2 ambient spacey loops . I'm
sure I 'm oversimplifiying some . One of the compositional games I'll play
sometimes is to pick a set of pitches, say a simple A minor Pentatonic
scale (A C D E G ) and create a cloud of harmony (ambient) or a  riff
(rhythmic) and then solo or find a melodic idea to play over it. Of course
the harmony can get even weirder and the rhythms as well . Anybody else got
any strategies you use when looping?

Some one wanted Nadines's phone number which is 213-464-7550.The owner told
me they do ship to you. Post me privately on what you find out as I haven't
talked to them again yet.

It's getting late for me so that's all for now    Ed Drake <ejmd@erols.com>