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Others way to loop???

I think Kim was wondering at the golden era of the beginning of these list
page, what kind of devices we used, what kind of music we liked, using
repetive stufff and others patterning thingies.

You all know, since I bother you with that for a while, taht main delay is
1.8 sec of my SGE mach2 (Duh!- a la simpson) that I have no (ARRFGHH)
jamman nor echoplax, partly due to astrnomic, not to say cosmic prices
here in France (wich happens to be nonetheless my beloved country) So I
had to find another way.

Currently, I use my old Cubase.2 and my Roland Gr-50 guitar Synth to drive
via midi delay the various synths (gr-50 itself, KorgM1, Korg DSS-1 old
sampler, e-max and a funny Yamaha TB-01).
That allow to have upt to a full note of delay (I mean this note during 4
time we call "ronde" in french). Since it is tempo dependant with le
lowest tempo (30) I have around 6 to 7 seconds of delay.
Ok that cannot compete with either the Jamdude nor the Echoplex, but since
i've nothing else, like Eno said once, from limitation comes creativity (I
try to convince myself).

In another way I used a long time ago samplers to because when you repeat
the sample on itself, you get tiny loops, and unless the technology of
your machine is Roland's differential interpolation, then changing the
note you play (i.e.transposing) changes the duration of this tiny loop.

That is an other way.

Then you could use multitracj recorder (I've an Akai 12 MG 14D) to add
loops played without delay, I mean you just keep repeating a phrase thet
seems relevant to you. 
It allows to treat independantly by mixing each phrase as far as effects
and dynamics and so on are concerned. That is interesting to.
Thoise of you with mulitracker should try. That is different to rely on a
unit to loop for yourself, and then having to play everything. Since you
never play exactly the same way, it gives a very differently flavoured
loop. More organic, but less etheral, I I can say.

I hope to have a CD soon Including some of this things, among other stuff
(mainly synths, Chapmann Stick and numerous guitars with my favorite
tunings, in 5th and one in minor thirds). Who knows...

Olivier Malhomme