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Re: Looping Setup

>>The other is the 24-bit processer (TSR-24S) which has great sounding 
>>choruses, phase shifters, pitch shifters, you name it....but the trick
>>here is the use of
>>the continuous MIDI controller pedal.  With one simple pedal I can take a
>>loop and
>>gradually bring it from a "dry" state into a huge cavern.  Or vary the
>>speed of left to
>>right pan from very slow to incredibly fast.  The CC can be assigned to
>>any effect
>>parameter....mix, reverb level, chorus speed, anything you want.
>I'm not familiar (yet) with MIDI controllable eeffects, but I assume
>that each controllable parameter is a different "channel" or
>something, so that if you had enough controllers to mangle, you could
>hack them all at oncee.

I also work a lot with the control of the size of the artificial room
(=reverb time) while playing. I think the listener ends up really living in
this room, and you can suggest to him that he has loads of space to stay in
peace or you can give him claustrophobia in a cabinet and he will suffer in
there. The change between these two extremes brings the contraction
relaxation movement that helps us to really solve problems and relax.

I have a Mitigator PCB that accepts 4 input voltages, coming from faders I
operate by foot. One is constantely on the reverb time of the PCM90,
another two for the characteristics of the effect on the PCM80 (depends on
the program, usually one Mix, the other Pitch or modulation rate) and the
forth for the FeedBack of the Plex.