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Re: Others way to loop???

>Then you could use multitracj recorder (I've an Akai 12 MG 14D) to add
>loops played without delay, I mean you just keep repeating a phrase thet
>seems relevant to you.
>It allows to treat independantly by mixing each phrase as far as effects
>and dynamics and so on are concerned. That is interesting to.
>Thoise of you with mulitracker should try. That is different to rely on a
>unit to loop for yourself, and then having to play everything. Since you
>never play exactly the same way, it gives a very differently flavoured
>loop. More organic, but less etheral, I I can say.

This is interesting, isn't it? I do not like drum machines for its stupid
repetitivity, but I like loops for it. As you say, it turns sound more
etheral, but still not mechanic. I also felt this with the written loop
compositions like Reich or Glass (minimal music). While the electronic loop
bring me peace (usualy), the "human" loop brings the atmosphere of work of
the poor guys who had to play the same stuff forever...

So what is the magic of the loop?