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Re: $500 for a Plex: Believe it

>> >I can see that I really need an Echoplex.  Now, who's got 'em for
>> >$500, again?
>> nobody dude.  apply for a grant!
>*BZZZZZZT!*  Survey says...:
>A grant shan't be necessary.  Nadine's here in luvly SoCal has 'em at
>that price.  The address and phone # has been floating around the list
>over the last week, so I'm sure someone out there can repost.  (I can't
>find the thing...)

Manny's and Banana's at Large also have them pretty regularly. Don't know
the numbers off hand, but I imagine both are on the web. Banana's is. Both
of them have been selling echoplexes since the very beginning, and get
this, Banana's sales people actually understand it! The store manager
actually uses them!

Even more: the former sales manager from Oberheim now works at bananas. Ask
for Malcolm, and tell him I sent you. And tell him I said he would give you
a special discount since you know me. That will make his day, no doubt!

The other thing about echoplexes these days is that memory prices for them
are dirt cheap. The 4meg simms are only $30!


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