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Plex Pricing

This is the issue with the Plex for me - I really want one bad, but 
you  have to pay to play.  And I just bought a Vortex so it will be 
some months off.  

o I've seen Banana's pricing on their web page (about $598)
o Haight Ashbury Music on their web page (about $549)
o Nadine's supposedly will sell them for $500.
o And Manny's also supposedly will sell for around $475.

Nadine's and Manny's seems to be the most attractive pricings.
I'll have to see if I can get in touch with them or find a catalog

I suppose I could do something rash like sell a guitar or a bunch
of CDs to speed up the process, but I'd kick myself later.  Saving
the conventional way means months of scrimping since I'm a married
guy and "being a responsible adult means paying bills before buying
luxuries" -Guitar Sam.  Maybe I should sell some of the old stomp-
boxes I've had lying around doing nothing for a while?

The Jam Man I've seen for about $350 - I'd rather have the 'Plex
since it's got the expandability and more functions (not to mention
more LIGHTS ON THE CONTROL PANEL - [what my friend Jim would
say has a high KPD [knobs (lights) per dollar] factor] and has a much
more substantial footswitch as well as more memory from the get go
and uses standard SIMMs instead of ZIP ram.

I've got an idea: but no idea how to implement it: maybe we should do
a GROUP PURCHASE and get some kind of volume discount from some
nice music store somewhere?  Not only would we benefit, but the store
would also benefit in moving an "esoteric" piece of equipment and maybe
Oberheim would then award the store with "mover and shaker of the 
month" certificate or something like that.

Todd Madson
PressMate Product Specialist
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