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Re: Amplification an others things

The problem with the Stick (at least mine) is that the "melody" pick-up
picks up the two first bass strings bass one picks up the three first
melody strings. In case  of applying different effects ont the two set of
strings.... you get delay or distortion on the bass strings that muddy
this nice chord you were doing on the melody strings. When looping with
the melody strings, it is a problem.

By the way i'm quite myself so much used to speaker emulator that i cannot
stand real guitar amps anymore. I run in live in two KB300 peavey for
stereo, fed with a mackie in wich you find diffrent preamp: Lag Spitfire
for guitars and melody of the Stick and Peavay Rockmaster (Duh?) for bass
strings of the Stick. I know it is weird but it has sound to hate with
guitars but soounds nicely bright with bass strings of the Stick. 
I use every time to run a lot of Synth through guitar preamp, to get a
grainy color.
It is working very well with wind intruments. A flute with a real nicely
imitated flute or a sample, controlled with guitar synth to add "realness"
can fool people if passed through guitar pramps (i said people, yes?).