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Re: Amplification

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Kim Flint wrote:

> Seems like tubes would be better for the higher strings on the stick, 
> a little bit of tube distortion would probably give a good sustain for
> them.
> Of course, this falls apart for looping, where you need something 
> Then you probably want something like Dave is suggesting.

Gotta love that tube sustain, huh?  :}  Actually, since the Stick
already has split pickups for its two courses of strings, I'd use a
SansAmp or something along those lines to get that electric guitar
effect.  That way, you can switch it in and out of your chain, like
any other effect.  Personally, I use a BBE 2+1 rackmount preamp (with
BBE effect and speaker emulation), and a ProCo Rat II.  Between them,
I get a wide variety of clean and distorted sounds with no hassle at
all.  I probably get more use from the speaker emulator effect than
the distortion, really.  It takes that jangly, piercing edge off the
guitar.  It might be good for other instruments, too.  

Actually, guitar-like amp effects can be VERY useful for other
instruments.  One of the most amazing looping pieces I've ever heard
was done by an old roommate of mine, running a shokohachi (Japanese
flute) through my primitive Boss Delay/Boogie amp looping rig, and
picking up reverberation feedback from the monitor speakers through
his microphone.  He was trying to get difference tones, and succeeded


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