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Re: the ... update

>hi Kim,
>just to make sure: when the update comes, will it simply be a chip that I
>can put into a regular Echoplex (I assume this will be the case) or would
>one have to buy the complete new model because there are other changes 
>aren't limited to the software? In other words, is it worth trying to find
>an Echoplex now (with the option to update it later) or should one rather
>wait for the updated model?

It would be 2 chips (eproms) that you swap for the ones in there. Its just
software, uses the existing hardware. There are a couple of new parameters,
so you might want to put a sticker over a couple words on the front and
pencil in the new ones.

I'd say, if you are interested in getting the echoplex, go ahead and buy
one now. The differences with the upgrade are more with intermediate and
advanced features, the main functions (record, overdub, multiply, etc.)
won't be different. So you can still get a lot out of the existing
software! The new soft will just add some more...


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