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Re: PERSONAL PROFILES: Here's my plan

>My idea is to set up a database of loopists at Kim's site, to get an idea
>of who is out there, where they are, what they're doing, etc.  This could
>be cross-referenced by style, by name, and by geography.  I *don't* intend
>for this to function as a comprehensive profile service, both in the
>interests of keeping the database relatively orderly and also in the
>interest of my ongoing mental health.  Rather, this should be thought of
>as a sort of index of loopists, which can give an overview of the
>different people in the field and provide links towards more in-depth
>info about each of them.

great ideas Andre!  Thanks tons for taking this on.....

>Since I'm no HTML-er, and since it would be nice to keep the database
>relatively orderly, I'm proposing that detailed technical schematics,
>visuals, etc. be kept to a minimum (and if necessary, sent to Kim so that
>someone who actually knows what he's doing can deal with them). Obviously,
>links would be provided for those with a URL.

I can HTML-ize it, or I can get someone else to help out if I don't have
the time then. (the way things have picked up in the past couple months,
that seems likely!) We could even make a sort of html template that you
could just paste stuff in as you get it.

I'm thrilled that people are volunteering to help get this going! And
really, more people means a wider breadth of ideas, more creative input, a
higher level of enthusiasm, etc. etc.....

>Obviously the 6th isn't a final deadline for inclusion, but it'll be
>easier to ensure that your profile gets up on the web with the initial
>So let me know what you think of this; barring any objections, you can
>start sending your stats to me on the 30th.

sounds great to me, lets start getting our personal blurbs off Andre and
get things moving!


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