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Re: E-bow tips

At 10:22 AM 9/30/96 -0700, you wrote:
>> On another loopers' tool, I've been having mixed results with my new
>> ebow.  It sometimes takes quite a while for the string to start to
>> ring, especially when I'm trying to bring out a harmonic that isn't
>> the octave.  Any tips?
>Try pressing the bow closer to the string -- in other words, if there's a 
>"default" spot where the bow is resting along the two guide grooves, then 
>pressing down further so that the bow is in greater proximity to the 
>string will help sound the string faster.  Also be very aware of where 
>you're placing the bow in relation to whatever pickup you're using; the 
>closer the bow is to the currently selected pickup, the more signal 
>you're going to produce.  Additionally, lightly fretting the note in 
>question with the left hand will help start the sound (not much help when 
>talking about natural string harmonics, I know).
>Also be sure and listen to the tape that comes with the bow.  I put off 
>listening to it myself for almost six months after I got it, and when I 
>finally got around to it I was stunned at some of the sounds that can 
>come out of the thing.  Like the slogan says, "Infinite sustain is 
>only the beginning."  (Now where's my endorsement deal?)
>Good luck,
Since EBOW has been my specialty fo about 15 years...

I might add to all this: try using the EBOW backwards.  (FACING THE TREBLE
PICKUP).  Once I saw Bill Nelson doing this I adopted it and never looked
back (about 10 years ago???).  I very RARELY direct it towards the bass
pickup anymore....the treble is great, much better attack, much
brighter...but the best trick of all: turn the tone control for the treble
pickup to OFF (full bass) and then EBOW against the treble pickup.  eiree
and cool.


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