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E-bow tips

> On another loopers' tool, I've been having mixed results with my new
> ebow.  It sometimes takes quite a while for the string to start to
> ring, especially when I'm trying to bring out a harmonic that isn't
> the octave.  Any tips?

Try pressing the bow closer to the string -- in other words, if there's a 
"default" spot where the bow is resting along the two guide grooves, then 
pressing down further so that the bow is in greater proximity to the 
string will help sound the string faster.  Also be very aware of where 
you're placing the bow in relation to whatever pickup you're using; the 
closer the bow is to the currently selected pickup, the more signal 
you're going to produce.  Additionally, lightly fretting the note in 
question with the left hand will help start the sound (not much help when 
talking about natural string harmonics, I know).

Also be sure and listen to the tape that comes with the bow.  I put off 
listening to it myself for almost six months after I got it, and when I 
finally got around to it I was stunned at some of the sounds that can 
come out of the thing.  Like the slogan says, "Infinite sustain is 
only the beginning."  (Now where's my endorsement deal?)

Good luck,