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A life of its own (was Re: Vortex Loops Using Deja Vu B)

Kim Flint writes:

>One time I looped a little sound made by scratching the sixth string of a
>Les Paul with my fingernail, then letting it ring a bit. I reversed it, 
>suddenly it was a completely beautiful, mesmerizing noise. Hard to 
>it. Sort of a cross between the om sound for meditating and a digeridoo.

That's funny: the last few nights playing with the Vortext, I've spent
quite a lot of time looping sounds made by scratching the strings with
my fingernail, a very stiff pick, a screwdriver, muting the strings
and banging on them with a screwdriver, banging on the strings above
the nut, etc.

On another loopers' tool, I've been having mixed results with my new
ebow.  It sometimes takes quite a while for the string to start to
ring, especially when I'm trying to bring out a harmonic that isn't
the octave.  Any tips?