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Re: A life of its own (was Re: Vortex Loops Using Deja Vu B)

Ray wrote:
>On another loopers' tool, I've been having mixed results with my new
>ebow.  It sometimes takes quite a while for the string to start to
>ring, especially when I'm trying to bring out a harmonic that isn't
>the octave.  Any tips?

In addition to the e-bow, I use a Fernandes Sustainer guitar for this sort
of thing. It has a switch that lets you put the sustainer circuit in three
different modes.  One generally sustains the fundamental, another the
second harmonic, and the third some higher harmonic. The third mode is
really cool, because it basically makes the guitar sound as if you were
getting a massive feedback sound, without the ear destroying volume. It
also has a level control that basically sets how quickly the note begins
sustaining. It is quite a bit faster than the ebow, but I find the two are
not quite the same and still use both. Also, using the Fernandes sustainer
usually means you are stuck with the Fernandes guitar. I got the cheap-o
one, and I don't really care for it much for anything other than the
sustain sounds. You can get these installed in other guitars, but it is
quite difficult. You have to find a tech that knows how to do it, and it
will be expensive. I think Gary Brawer in San Francisco does this; I know
someone that had these things installed in some PRS guitars and I think
Gary did the work.

Anyway, I really like using this with loops. One of my favorite things is
to overdub many layers of one "feedback" tone, making a huge sound. Often
times I'll use the whammy bar at the same point in the loop on each pass
through, usually pulling it in different directions and different amounts.
So the loop will go along with some big, consonant sound and then slowly go
completely psychotic.

Another thing is to make big sustained chords by sliding to a different
note on each overdub pass. Since I have such a strong aversion to anything
consonant, this usually means stacked half-step intervals, tritones, +5's,
major 7's, and such. Actually, even that doesn't sound out anymore, so it
often means bending in quarter tones for more microtonal chords. Your
mileage may vary....


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