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Re: hum cancelling

>7. DON'T PULL THE GROUND PINS!!!!  People often try to solve hum problems
>by lifting the grounds. This is dangerous, don't do it! You can get 
>this way.

Well, in whole Brasil you cannot find one ground pin, and this is a country
where you do not use carpets but step bare foot on the ground, often wet.
And I have not known of some one get killed because of 110V at home (often
by open air stage structures, though!). But shocks we get every day, taking
showers in good hotels...
So in Germany, 230V is a bit more dangerous, but still...
I have seen a lot of problems resolved by lifting the ground pins,
especially with older equipment. Lately the equipment has some limited
isolation between internal and safety ground which solves the problem.

I guess Kim says that because the american legal system can charge him
millions for saying what I just said... ;-)

Nice collection of points, Kim!