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Re: New Joni

In a message dated 96-11-02 12:50:36 EST, you write:

>Any Joni Mitchell fans out there???? 

Yes, very much so.

>wait - she'll really cool - check out the cool loop on "Empty- Try 
>on Dog eat Dog - it's a sample of the sound an empty cigarette machine

How 'bout that loop of coyotes howling behind "The Wolf That Lives in
Lindsey"?  One of the most captivating pieces of recorded music ever, IMHO.

>but here's my question - does anybody know anything else about her 
>new album with a VG-8 heavily featured???!!! This much i know: she has 
>she loves it, and being an alternate tuning pioneer, she's waited years 
>something like this... I hear it will have some scary noises on it too,
>coutesy of virtual modeling...

Just that so far it features only herself on VG-8 and New Orleans young 
jazz drummer Brian Blade (no bass).  Everybody stand back!  

Ken R