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Re: logistics nightmare?

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Chris Chovit wrote:
> I like these ideas that have been presented:
> -- separate N. and S. Cal get-together's -- This would minimize driving
> time and hopefully limit it to a one-day event (2 full, consecutive days 
> looping could drive me loopy!) -- [sorry...I suppose that pun is
> ultra-banal on this list.....]
> -- multiple "stages" to maximize performance time -- The "shifting" stage
> sounds really interesting.  And the 4-way jam is the best part!

I also like these ideas - Does anyone have a band or is this going to be
all solo performers with mainly the guitar as the instrument?  Although
I do use looping in my music it is by far not the only thing I do.  The
group I have been playing in does all instrumental stuff sometimes
ambient, sometimes not so ambient.  It might be nice to mix it up a little
- a couple of groups and a couple of solo performers.
   Any comments?
   Doug Michael