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Re: logistics nightmare?

>On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Chris Chovit wrote:
>> I like these ideas that have been presented:
>> -- separate N. and S. Cal get-together's -- This would minimize driving
>> time and hopefully limit it to a one-day event (2 full, consecutive 
>days of
>> looping could drive me loopy!) -- [sorry...I suppose that pun is
>> ultra-banal on this list.....]
>> -- multiple "stages" to maximize performance time -- The "shifting" 
>> sounds really interesting.  And the 4-way jam is the best part!
>I also like these ideas - Does anyone have a band or is this going to be
>all solo performers with mainly the guitar as the instrument?  Although
>I do use looping in my music it is by far not the only thing I do.  The
>group I have been playing in does all instrumental stuff sometimes
>ambient, sometimes not so ambient.  It might be nice to mix it up a little
>- a couple of groups and a couple of solo performers.
>   Any comments?
>   Doug Michael
I was wondering about this as well, since I'd be interested in either
coming down with a band and/or collaborating/improvising with other
participants. I'm just not a solo performer. My band has been planning a
trip to the bay area for a while, though we do not as yet have specific
dates booked, it'd be great if we could do this and the loop fest on the
same trip. Oh yeah, the guitarist, and I do looping, and the drummer does
his best to throw us all for a loop...

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