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new profiles up....

Since the last time I uploaded a new version of the Profiles page on the
Looper's Delight site, Michael has sent me not one, not two, but *THREE*
new versions. They've been collecting dust in my Looper's to-do folder,
while I was off galavanting about the namm show and spending any other
spare moments trying to brighten the future of certain loop tools. Oh, and
there's that day job...

I just uploaded Version 12, so if you've been eagerly awaiting your public
presence in the loopdirectory, you may now breath easy, you are available
for the world to inspect.

For all of you not represented on the profile page, What the heck are you
waiting for? You couldn't possibly be busier than me, and even I manage to
get this stuff done once in a while. Do this right now:

Check the profile page to see what personal specs people have on there, at:


Type up similar specs about yourself.

Send it to the ever-efficient Michael Peters for inclusion in the Looper's
Delight profile page, at Michael Peters <100041.247@CompuServe.COM>.

Michael will add you to the page, send it to me, and in a matter of just
3-4 months, I will get my act together and upload it to the site. (well it
doesn't usually take that long...:-p)

Now I'm going to think about updating the archive section......


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