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Re: Jman upgrades

>PMimlitsch@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 1/27/97 9:36:39 PM, Trevor (concerning the Jamman) 
>> <<Now we just have to find the memory upgrades...>>
>> They're readily aveilable through any local electronics store or 
>> .DON"T go through a music store --mail order or otherwise--you'll get
>> ripped.--Paul
>Thanks, man.  Do you have any favorites?  Anyone?
>I would say that maybe we should put some of this info on the page, but
>considering that I doubt there will many non-upgraded JamPeople in this
>group.  I have seen these questions before, but I never seem to catch
>the answers.

I've ordered additional SIMMS for upgrading the EchoPlex DP memory. A
friendly bloke at Bananas at Large directed me to an outfit called The Chip
Merchant, located, I believe, in CA for the purchase. The phone number is
800-426-6375. I believe they also have a web site at 
(although I haven't visited the site). Hope this helps.