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Re: Starting again

> T.W. Hartnett wrote:
> > 
> > >Well, I have a day job.  My livelihood does not depend on making 
> > >There is no other driving force for me to make music other than
> > >the passion for doing so.

Wrong, Trev. _I_ wrote the above paragraph.  
> Actually, I think having a day job afforts the ultimate in artistic
> freedom, if you care about these thing.  I don't need other people to
> like my work- all I have to do is like it.  No record contract worries,
> don't have the get multiple piercings, whatever.


TW actually thinks of his relationship with music as being a marriage;
has its ups and downs.  My personal relationship with music is not that
way at all.  Does that make me less "legitimate" a musician?

Guys like TW might argue that we who must put in 40 hours a week doing
something other than music are sacrificing time that could have been
spent just making music.  On the other hand, consider, like Trev
says about, that we don't have to play the music business game. Unless
you are already very rich and need not worry about income, you have to
play the music business game if you don't have a fulltime job doing
something other than music.

Let's not forget there is no right or wrong here.

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