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Re: Starting again

> Wrong, Trev. _I_ wrote the above paragraph.

Uh, oops.

> TW actually thinks of his relationship with music as being a marriage;
> has its ups and downs.  My personal relationship with music is not that
> Does that make me less "legitimate" a musician?

I don't that is a question of legitimacy when it comes to music.  If you
bang on a pan and call it a tune, who is to say you are wrong?

There are always arguments of quality, however! :-)

> Guys like TW might argue that we who must put in 40 hours a week doing
> something other than music are sacrificing time that could have been
> spent just making music.  On the other hand, consider, like Trev
> says about, that we don't have to play the music business game. Unless
> you are already very rich and need not worry about income, you have to
> play the music business game if you don't have a fulltime job doing
> something other than music.

I like my job, but when I get out, the idea of slashing out some
dissonant squalls on the ol' Jag-o-caster has quite an appeal.

> Let's not forget there is no right or wrong here.
> Paolo Valladolid

Truer words never spoken.