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Re: Go beyond?

>Eventually (the topic is not new) I came across the little idea following.
>Matthias, I think, although you changed it to "besides" I think, that
>theword "Beyond" was perfectly chosen.
>At first I mistook the sense like almost everyone here. But In fact we
>have to go beyond -yes- not Fripp, or anyone (I have a strong reoccuring
>problem with Allan Holdsworth) just because we have to go  beyond the part
>of these people work wwe have internalised (oh, again does it exist, an I
>making myself clear?). In a way It has nothing to see with those artists,
>it is just a problem between ourselves and... ourselves!

Thank you for this nice interpretation, Olivier: Going beyond influences is
going beyond ourselves - each time the present self, a vision of growth...
to become magician? Everybody? It used to be the realm of a few, is this to
change? Anyway, there is some magic to almost any work, especially music...

And then I would like to loop Jon:
>So, thank you to all who've been sharing with us your secrets of creative
>magic--I'm thoroughly gratified to encounter so many forward-thinking
>May you all find what you're seeking.