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Re: music just for musicians?

>>and horn players, and Leni Stern is one of only a handful of female 
>>to receive any recognition--and if you look at the Guitar Player 30th
>>anniversary issue, there she is among the
>>"30 players who mattered" offering a looping lesson.
>Yes, but bearing in mind that the average joe does tend to act like a 
>rather than learn by example, you need to get people who are in said
>musician's CD collections, and Leni Stern quite honestly isn't.  I'm
>probably at a disadvantage  here because I'm in the UK and probably aren't
>exposed to people like Manring, of whom I'd never heard before the ad.  
>in terms of artist association Peavey's new J. ad for the Tubefex will
>probably do far more for sales.  Hell, that ad could've been for the

Yes, if you are trying to sell huge numbers, you aren't going to get it
with "musician's musician" type endorsers. You can have David Torn, Robert
Fripp, Leni Stern, Michael Manring and a host of other brilliant artists
and it won't equal one Smashing Pumpkins. Joe Perry and Slash have never
made any remarkably creative or innovative artistic statements, but they
sure sold a hell of a lot of Les Pauls.....

>No word yet on the discontinuation on the $1000 plex....  ;)

How's this: The Oberheim Echoplex is not discontinued. Production has been
restarted after a few months of limbo, so they should be readily available
soon. There was even something about software that I didn't quite

(and it's more like $800 list, not $1000....)


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