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Sticking with looping

G'day all of you Chapman Stick loopers out there,

I'm struggling to justify buying a JamMan (can you say "married with
children"?) and I'm wondering about the sorts of things other Stickers are
doing with looping.

I've been fooling with looping on my Boss delay pedal for a while, but so
far I've been getting much better results from guitar than from Stick.
Although it's hard to describe "why" in words, guitar techniques that don't
transpose to Stick well (such as whammy bar stuff, bending strings prior to
picking them) seem to give me the best results.

If anyone's got looped Stick audio on the web anywhere, I'd love a pointer
to it just to hear what sort of things you're doing.  In fact, any looped
stuff at all (any instrument) that I could download would certainly be


Dave Mitchell

PS By "Stick", I'm including Warr Guitar and other related instruments