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Re: repopulate the species

Jon Durant wrote:

> Anyway, Sarajane: not all loopers leave the tending of their children to 
> more capable gender--some of us actually enjoy the time we get to spend 
>with our
> young offspring. Even if it means less loopage.

I'm Unemployed/Househusband/Fulltime Father to our 20-month old son.  In
my case, this means not only less loopage, but also:

--Money's tight; acquisition of a JM/Plex/anything that loops longer
than the Vortex will have to wait.  So will acquisition of the entire
Alchemy catalogue.

--I don't have the time to put together the coherent answers to
questions raised by Mathias (on the list) and Erik Simpson (in private
email), nor comment on the aspects of Starting Over raised by Paolo,
Travis and others.  (I will, eventually, I swear!)

But he's worth it! :-)  He may/may not be a looper, or even a guitarist
(though my older offspring, who each have their own children, include
guitar on _their_ lists of things they don't have time for), but he's
already a music junkie.  Among his faves:  BB King, Timbuk 3, Leni
John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)