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Re: repopulate the species

Kim writes:

>Maybe you should keep holding the guitar and tell Bryan to tend the new
>Better yet, let someone else do the baby-making, and we'll just park our
>vans near the local elementary school, dangling jammans from the window
>saying "C'mere kiddies, want to try a weird hobby?"

Not to go into hype mode, but I have to share a secret about my 
forthcoming CD
(mixing later this week at Torn's...): On one track, there are three 
guitar parts comprising the piece which were done completely independendt 
each other. Put them together and you get sheer hell! V. cool, IMO. 
Anyway, the
point is the fourth soundsource is my (at the time) newborn son. At a 
weeks, he was a very vocal child, and there was nothing we could do to 
him when he'd get going. You just have to wait it out. One night, he began 
wailing at about 10:30 and I could tell that April (my wife) really needed 
break. So I brought Harrison (vocal meister in question) downstairs and 
threw a
coupla mikes up to record him. Later (several months) I processed/looped 
vocalizing, and the results are audible on this track.

Anyway, Sarajane: not all loopers leave the tending of their children to 
more capable gender--some of us actually enjoy the time we get to spend 
with our
young offspring. Even if it means less loopage. As a father of two and 
uncle of
11, I can tell you that the next generation is no better prepared for 
than this one. Suffice it to say that all my nephews and neices can agree 
on one
thing: "Uncle Jon, you're *so* weird!!!" Yeah, I know. Isn't it great?