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Re: repopulate the species

At 9:34 AM 2/2/97, Sarajane wrote:
>Dear Loopers
>            I'm Bryan's loopy wife, Sarajane, delurking to
>say that you have an almost perfect inversion of the stats you need
>for that repopulation thing to work....3-4 females, (maybe) to more
>than a hundred males.....just like a King Crimson crowd at the
>concerts...or the guitarcraft demographics....and if we few females

Having been born and raised well after feminism made its cultural mark, I
must say I've always been totally baffled by the social prejudice that
wiggling one's fingers on a guitar neck is a masculine activity. It would
be nice to get looping off to a more egalitarian start. Maybe there's hope
- I thought it was cool when my neighbors had a rave and all five dj's were

In the case of a Crimson show, perhaps the quantity of receding hairlines
and extended waistlines has something to do with the low female turnout?
(Sorry, couldn't resist....)

>breed, we lose our "repetitive cyclic" aspects...do we then disqualify
>as "loopers"? What about when we put the guitars down to tend the newest
>loop generation? Hmmmm.perhaps we'd best stick with the population at
>                                  Sarajane

Maybe you should keep holding the guitar and tell Bryan to tend the new

Better yet, let someone else do the baby-making, and we'll just park our
vans near the local elementary school, dangling jammans from the window
saying "C'mere kiddies, want to try a weird hobby?"


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