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Re: music just for musicians?

Kim writes-

>Yes, if you are trying to sell huge numbers, you aren't going to get it
>with "musician's musician" type endorsers. You can have David Torn, Robert
>Fripp, Leni Stern, Michael Manring and a host of other brilliant artists
>and it won't equal one Smashing Pumpkins. Joe Perry and Slash have never
>made any remarkably creative or innovative artistic statements, but they
>sure sold a hell of a lot of Les Pauls....

But we're not selling guitars here. We're selling loopers. All guitar 
need a guitar. Some guitar players need a looper. You have to start with 
"need a looper" crowd to get to the point where you can make an impact 
with the
"all guitarists" crowd. (i.e. get the obvious market before you can start 
penetrate the rest of the world. Then, you might get lucky and find that 
crossover point. The big hit that launched the looper into the world of the
mainstream. Still waiting...)