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Re: music just for musicians?

>Seriously, this is by no means the first time your
>arguments have been raised. 

Jeez - never mind my music, even my _arguments_ aren't original!!  :(
>I just think it's well worth pointing out some of
>the things that you don't know so that you can be more informed about the 
>scope of this debate. 

>Sorry you're not familiar with Manring. He's a real monster, and a heck 
>of a
>nice guy as well. As for Ms. Stern, besides the "female" aspect of 
>in the ad, there's this tiny market here in the states called New York, 
>Leni is indeed something of a musician's musician.On any given Sunday 
>night you
>can run into a host of NY who's whos hanging around the 55 dive. 

NY....  I think I've heard of that somewhere... oh, yes, Patrick Eggle
Guitars named a model after it I think...  :b

I know that NY is pretty damn important as cities go, but to put it in
persective consider the phrase "real musician's musician in
LA/London/Paris", all of which hover about the 2/3x smaller than NY.  If a
box needs to sell globally it needs to be recognised by people not familiar
witn the NY jazz scene, or even the jazz scene in toto (No, not Steve
Lukather) which may/may not add up to the same thing.

>While the
>general public isn't so familiar with her, it's astounding how many of the
>players are hip to what she's doing.

....and I'm sure they all bought JamMen!    :)

>Just as an example, the entire current
>line-up of the Brecker Brothers band is comprised of her former band 
>mates. And
>they're all using the JamMan. 

Thought so!

>Ask Michael Brecker how many people in NY are
>following her, and he'll tell you that everyone who's playing owes 
>>to her. There are a bunch of high profile session players who are always
>asking >her what to buy. I know, 'cause they all called me. I know, it's 
>New York, >but if you gotta start somewhere...

Name-dropping will get you nowhere!!   :)
Speaking of which, how _do_ you pronounce Leni?  I read an interview with
her, after which I was none the wiser...

>>> Remember, this box is for a wider audience than just guitar players.
>>But guitar players really don't care.  Well, most don't. 
>I dunno. If this list is any indicator, it seems like the creative types 
>>are likely to use such a product really do care about other artists 

Yeah, but we're the real creative ones!  :)
I'd wager that whilst, by definition, loopers are creative types to a large
degree, the average creativity (and even intelligence) on alt.gitar, is
considerably lower.  And that's still among computer-literate college kids.


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