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Re: music just for musicians?

>>Speaking of which, how _do_ you pronounce Leni?  I read an interview with
>>her, after which I was none the wiser...
>She hereslf (in her inimitable German accent) says "leeeni" whereas most 
>say "laney". Me, I use "leeeni" cuz that's what she says. How would that 
>with a Scottish accent?

"Hen".  But that's because _all_ women in Scotland get called Hen.  "Nae
look, Hen, tha'ss nae the key we're playin'in , ye ken?"  (Now look, girl,
that's not what key we're planing in, you understand?).  Watch Braveheart
and do your best.  On similar lines, is my .sig decipherable to non-Scots?
Incidentally, I'm not Scottish myself, I'm Welsh. I'm just a Scot by 

>>....and I'm sure they all bought JamMen!    :)
>Many did. Some did not. Some are still waiting for that glorius 
>box" cuz they can't lug around a rack full of processors.

Does one particularly light box make the difference?

>>NY....  I think I've heard of that somewhere... oh, yes, Patrick Eggle
>>Guitars named a model after it I think...  :b
>It's kinda like "Boston's been cancelled. But I wouldn't worry about it, 
>not a big college town."

Well I know there's a college in it 'cos a lectureship in my exact field
was advertised for Cloumbia a few weeks ago.  My wife just said there was
no, _no_ way, not-in-a-million-years she was going anywhere near

Besides, I just read your homepage.  You're _biased_, man!! :) :) :)

>> If a
>>box needs to sell globally it needs to be recognised by people not 
>>witn the NY jazz scene, or even the jazz scene in toto (No, not Steve
>>Lukather) which may/may not add up to the same thing.
>Yeah, LUKE! That's they guy we need. (Actually, our LA guys talked to him 
>>he apparently babbled incoherently for a while, and they discontinued

Having read interviews with him I can appreciate that!!


Getting further off-topic by the second....

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