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RE: Music just for musicians?

Well I tried to make a simple blanket statement about a very complex 
situation and it seems that I opened a big can of worms.  Has Lexicon made 
mistakes?  Yes, of course.  We did try to create interest in the JAMMAN 
Vortex.  These products did not sell at 1/3 of the rate as the ALEX or 
REFLEX.  Yes there were forecasting problems.  Does Lexicon owe it to the 
community to keep products in the product line?  I don't think so.  Is 
Lexicon run by musicians?  I wish.  Is a discussion of corporate politics 
really very relevant to this list?  I don't believe so but I suppose it is 

I do not get it.  Which would be worse?  The fact that we stopped shipping 
these products or if they were never made?

I was warned when I arrived at this list that John Durant was almost 
railroaded off of this list.  Well his interest in the art of looping has 
kept him here.  I am not running away as I am used to taking the 
for the actions of others(it has been my job for a long time.)  But lets 
waste time with this issue.  It would be more constructive(and 
to discuss what everybody would like to see in the next generation of 
dedicated(or not) looping technology.  Maybe if we are all good on the 
karmic scale Lexicon or Oberheim(or Roland or Alesis) might answer our 

Thank you and best regards,

Greg Hogan
Lexicon Customer Service
Phone 617-280-0372
FAX 617-280-0499