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RE: Music just for musicians?/gripe gripe

Greg Hogan wrote
>Well I tried to make a simple blanket statement about a very complex
>situation and it seems that I opened a big can of worms.

neato says:
this is kind of funny...we're a group of individuals who somehow got
together in time and space due to our interest in looping and loopers...to
date the term loopers basically applies to 2 pieces of hardware-lexicon
jamman and oberheim echoplex...not really much to choose from to begin with
and now rather suddenly we are told the jamman is no more! what are we
supposed to do? not question why? the reason is not because the jamman is a
failed footnote in technology(the actual mechanics of the unit), but rather
because the profit margin on it was not acceptable...fair enough..but i
think we at least deserve the right to mull the situation over...this is
not personal...just the ramblings of a few musicians who feel something
they started has been jeopardized...we're one piece of equipment (obie)
away from extinction!(wink wink)

                                     all my mistakes were once acts of 
                                                       neato@pipeline com