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the proof of the pudding....

Greetings Loopers,
                  Just a couple of quick observations on the
flow of babble on the LD of late.

1. 8000 JamMan units sold.How many Echoplex DP? EH 16 sec?

2. 125 subsribers to the LD list...just scratching the surface
   of loopers worldwide..but a great start.
3. Do loopers want to court corporate techno-moguls in order
   to stand a chance in hell of seeing a looping device that
   performs all the deeply desired and unique functions that
   only loopers lust for...
   A.Expandable loop time
   B.Reverse function
   C.Half speed playback
   D.Multiply and Undo functions
   E.Stereo processing-entire signal path
   F.No factory-sanctioned glitches

 4-Will this group of players feel the need to congregate together
   at some point in the future to share performances and information,
   and to solcit industry to makes it's pitch and contribute to the
   cost of such an event?
 5- Should we be telling anyone about this kind of music in that they
are already listening to loops in many aspects of modern audio
production and could care less about the artform. Is there a collective
sense that loop oriented music deserves a better fate than most work
made available for sale in this pop culture.

6- Oh and by the way I do my fair share of childcare and cleaning,
   lest my wife's recent remarks lead you to believe otherwise....
   isn't that right dear?

                                     Bryan Helm
                                     "32 seconds is not long enough"