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Re: JamMan upgrades

Ed said:

>>> I told him about our list and he said for anyone interested in these
>>>JamMan tweaks to email him at <bsellon@lexicon.com>  so he can see how 
>>>interest and support is there for these mods and also to keep us posted 
>>>their progress
>>I have not heard from Bob since so I don't know anything new, but if you
>>haven't emailed him yet please do so.
>>I also gave Bob our email address and told him to post directly to the 
>>if there is any news.
>> Later Ed

Matt said:

>Right after you originally posted this message I fired off an email to 
>Haven't heard anything.  I suspect he's a busy man.  Maybe we should pool
>a list of questions and send them in one email so as not to overwhelm the
>man.  Just a thought....
>P.S.  Uhh...I guess I just volunteered myself for the task! :-)


When I talked to Bob for 5 minutes or so that day, I got the impression he
was very busy. He said it was funny that I had called about the Upgrade
because he had just fired off a new eprom to try out for the upgrade the
night before.
One other thing he said that I had forgotten in my original post, was about
the stereo loops and how you could pan them too! I got the impression this
whole upgrade thing might still be a little while, because licensing the
software from Lex had to be worked out. If you do email him, ask him what
time frame for the upgrade and what new things are being implemented.

Trev said:

>You know, there is one tweak I would be very interested in: either
>playing my loops backwards, or being able to have a backwards sample
>I figure that there must be a way to do this using a sequencer/drum
>machine/whatever, but the whole reason I like my JamSter is that I don't
>have to mess with that.
>Am I missing something here?

Trev, I want to make sure I understand you. Do you mean have the backwards
sample loop around with out having to trigger it via footswitch ? I'm not
sure. You can't play loops backwards, you can only play backwards in the
sample mode (one pass sample which means no layering, etc.) Also I'm not
sure but I think the MIDI clock, which runs sequencers and drum machines,
doesn't work in the sample Mode only in either of the Loop Modes.