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Re: JamMan upgrades

>> I told him about our list and he said for anyone interested in these
>>JamMan tweaks to email him at <bsellon@lexicon.com>  so he can see how 
>>interest and support is there for these mods and also to keep us posted 
>>their progress
>I have not heard from Bob since so I don't know anything new, but if you
>haven't emailed him yet please do so.
>I also gave Bob our email address and told him to post directly to the 
>if there is any news.
> Later Ed

Right after you originally posted this message I fired off an email to Bob.
Haven't heard anything.  I suspect he's a busy man.  Maybe we should pool
a list of questions and send them in one email so as not to overwhelm the
man.  Just a thought....


P.S.  Uhh...I guess I just volunteered myself for the task! :-)

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