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RE: Music just for musicians?

Michael writes:
> I thought we were having a good-natured debate on why the sales values 
>mention happened, especially in the light of how cool we know these boxes

I think we just stumbled onto the downside of cyberspace communique. I, 
thought this debate was all good-natured and fun, but it appears that 
others may
have detected some un-intended animosity. So, I apologize for any seeming 
un-seemingly) flames: just trying to show a position. Also: Michael--I 
you missed the "boston's not a big college town" reference: this is a line 
"Spinal Tap", and if you've not seen the movie, you must. It should be 
viewing for all musicians!

As for corporate politics: they are an unfortunate obstacle to continuing
development of such devices. My own cynicism is perhaps excessive due to my
years being beaten over the head with it. A year's distance has really 
made me
pale at what I saw. I wish it were otherwise, but it isn't. And I really 
suspect it would be any different at any other currently existing 
who expects to be profitable...

>Many people around here would lose limbs rarther than Vortices.  I thought
>we were debating why the rest of Humanity was stupid enough not to realise

Is that where we started? I lost track somewhere down the line!!!

Jon Durant