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Re: JamMan upgrades

Ed Drake wrote:
> Trev, I want to make sure I understand you. Do you mean have the 
> sample loop around with out having to trigger it via footswitch ? I'm not
> sure. You can't play loops backwards, you can only play backwards in the
> sample mode (one pass sample which means no layering, etc.) Also I'm not
> sure but I think the MIDI clock, which runs sequencers and drum machines,
> doesn't work in the sample Mode only in either of the Loop Modes.

Ed (et. al.)

What I would like to do is this-

1) just be able to play the loops I write backwards.  That would be


2) be able to have the JamDude loop the sample when in sample mode, e.g.
hold the trigger button down to have the loop start over automatically. 
I was suprised that the JamMan didn't do 1).  When I looked at the
comparason of the page, I (mistakenly) thought that it would reverse the
samples.  Sigh....